Conservation is at the core of everything we do

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The beauty of Tanzania has taught us from years of experience that conservation through responsible hunting is a way of life. It’s non-negotiable.

Our two-fold conservation strategy includes 365 days of patrolling and surveillance by our anti-poaching teams. We conduct a few select and low impact hunting expeditions yearly across our areas and consistently yield exceptional trophy quality. 

Our territories are managed in line with our philosophy to which we firmly adhere: the practice of responsible hunting and delivering exceptional safaris entirely based on wildlife conservation. 
Protecting wild fauna and the interests of the neighboring local communities while also providing our clients with unique and unforgettable experiences in places of unmatched beauty.

Our lands have seen unprecedented growth in wildlife numbers in western and northern Tanzania. 
Across hundreds of thousands of hectares, countless species coexist in a vastly open environment of natural biodiversity. From lions to leopards, elephant herds to the lesser kudu or the elusive sitatunga. Thanks to our ability to manage these local natural resources, we contribute to the sustainability and beauty of the area.

Conservation is a long-term job; a lasting commitment; a complexity of the land intertwined with human existence. We prioritize the protection of habitats and spatial planning. We research and collect data on the wildlife populations to better understand our role as custodians of the land. 
We stand at the forefront in the fight against poaching; a threat not only to the African wildlife but to society as a whole. We invest significant resources to make sure our patrol teams are in the field 365 days a year. Not only do we believe in the productivity of this practical philosophy, but we invite you to come and appreciate its effects in the game fields of wild Africa. 

Big game hunting; a deeply rooted tradition and our way of life – is today a key player in the conservation dynamic in Africa.

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