In our remote bush camps, time stands still

Inspired by an unforgettable Tanzanian tracker and derived from its Sanskrit meaning of “all the living things”, Ganam has undergone an incredible evolution to become one of Tanzania’s most unique and luxurious hunting companies.

Conservation is at the core of everything we do

The beauty of Tanzania has taught us from years of experience that conservation through responsible hunting is a way of life. It’s non-negotiable.

Education as the base
of a brighter future

Having spent decades in Tanzania, our community engagement is unmatched. From creating job opportunities, to the development of infrastructure to formative training


Tanzania, what dreams are made of

These Tanzanian territories that we present to you here are so conducive to lifesized dreams, unforgettable experiences and the freedom of wide-open spaces.

Kizigo West & Kizigo Central

Some of the most famous hunting areas, especially known for its exceptional lion, leopard and buffalo trophy quality.

Moyowosi South

The largest hunting area in Moyowosi
game reserve, and by far the most famous and the most rich in terms of game.


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Your oasis in nature

East African style luxury tents equipped with en suite bathrooms.  Cuisine, focus on game meat, fine dining, lavish picnics.