In our remote bush camps, time stands still

Inspired by an unforgettable Tanzanian tracker and derived from its Sanskrit meaning of “all the living things”, Ganam has undergone an incredible evolution to become one of Tanzania’s most unique and luxurious hunting companies.

In our remote bush camps, time stands still. Life slows down and everything feels pure, raw, and free. Living without walls within the spectacle of nature, we discover new remarkable things about the world and our place within it.

Privacy here is unparalleled. Isolated and rugged terrains immerse travellers in the grand landscapes, home to a vast variety of wildlife. When we follow the animals’ tracks and are lucky enough to spot them, they inherently take our breath away.

Every territory in Ganam’s portfolio showcases the wide-ranging beauty of Tanzania. Powerful, infinite, deep and diverse.

Bordering a number of world-renowned national parks, the territories are bound to make travellers feel emotions beyond comprehension and experience adventures exceeding their imagination.

We have over 30 years of field experience across the African continent. We possess dynamic expertise and firmly believe in the importance of quality and professionalism in the teams we surround ourselves with.